Golden Globe Honors 2023


A Celebration of History

The Golden Pride – Kartiki Gonsalves, will be honored with the prestigious GOLDEN GLOBE HONORS – Medallion of Solidarity & Certificate of Honor, the highest honor in the world for her spellbinding Directorial Debut, “Elephant Whisperers.” In the realm of cinematic brilliance, her achievement secured her the historic title of being The First Indian Film Director to ever win an Academy Award in the History of India at The Oscars and also The First Indian Woman Film Director to ever win an Academy Award in the History of India. This exceptional work has eloquently spoken the language of coexistence between mankind and the planet’s precious life, entrusted into our care. We envision a celebration that transcends boundaries, uniting us in a shared spirit of creativity and aspiration. Kartiki’s recent triumph at the 95th Academy Awards, where she secured an Oscar, stands as a testament to her remarkable talents and unwavering dedication to the art of filmmaking.

A Night of Celebration, Honor, and Pledge

A Night of Celebration,
Honor, and Pledge

Join us to celebrate Kartiki Gonsalves remarkable journey from India to Hollywood, winning Oscars for Elephant Whisperers. Together, we pledge for a better world, showcasing the transformative influence of one individual on a global scale. Join us for an unforgettable evening celebrating artistry, honoring an extraordinary journey, and acknowledging a profound impact on cinema’s world stage.

*Noble Philanthropist

Impacting Lives – Inviting India’s Elite, HNIs, and Privileged as our next Noble Philanthropist at GOLDEN GLOBE HONORS 2023. Your invitation to create a lasting legacy awaits, joining the esteemed ranks along with 3x Grammy Award Winner – RICKY KEJ. This recognition highlights your steadfast commitment to the Inner Hunger Project, a noble mission aimed at eliminating poverty with your charity while also serving as a beacon of support for education, healthcare, sustainability, and hope. Here, dreams prosper, communities thrive, and the future shines brightly, all thanks to your generosity.

**Our Valuable Partners

In this journey of celebrating greatness, our partners are invaluable. They provide unwavering support, enabling us to shine a spotlight on those who truly make a difference. We extend our deepest gratitude to our Exclusive Partners – Elite members of the Golden Globe Honors Foundation family  for their unwavering commitment to our shared vision.

***An Exclusive Gathering

Our event is an exclusive affair, reserved for the finest. We extend our heartfelt invitations only to those who truly embody the spirit of excellence. Our Elite guests include Noble Philanthropists, Exclusive Partners, and Special Members – The distinguished members of the Golden Globe Honors Foundation family.

* Elevate your global presence by
becoming our esteemed Global Ally
through philanthropic collaboration.

** Elevate your global presence by
becoming our valued Global Ally
through a strategic partnership.

*** Disclaimer: Access limited to Exclusive Partners, Noble Philanthropists, and Special Members only.

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